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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Aha, I found my password!
I lost it a while ago, so I couldn't post anything for more than two months! But I today I found it on a piece of paper at the back of a drawer :-)

posted by Dieppe 7:01 PM
Friday, April 25, 2003
So like I said, I'm moving to a different province.
I'm gonna miss my friends here :(

posted by Dieppe 5:14 PM
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Yay, We won:-)

(did I actually care or was I just cheering with the crowed?)?

posted by Dieppe 11:42 PM
CBC: "Scientists find baby teeth rich in stem cells"

Baby teeth soup

ingredients: baby teeth, onions, tomato souce, salt, water
nutrition information (per serving*):
Protein: 2.8g
Fat: 0.6g
Carbohydrates: 24g
Stem cells: 11g

* each service is 200ml and consists of 34 baby teeth
** 28+11+2.8+0.6 > 30 !

posted by Dieppe 2:36 PM
The Canucks are playing tonight.
I like watching football (Soccer, that is!) but since everyone watches hockey here, I'm going to a pub to watch the game with some friends.

posted by Dieppe 2:32 PM
CBC: "prime office space in Hogtown [Dieppe: that's in Toronto] runs for $38.07 per square foot – far adrift of the $201.68 per square foot for office space in London's West End, which topped the list. At $150.64 per square foot, Tokyo was second, followed by Paris at $131.13 and midtown New York City at $105.06 in fourth."

"[Toronto] ranked 34th on a list of the world's most expensive rental locations"

I don't live in Toronto, but I've been there and it's THE BEST PLACE I've ever been to. So if I ever become a rich businessman, I'll put my headquarter there!

You know, I'm planning to get rich when I grow up ;)

posted by Dieppe 2:30 PM
Oh, and in case you were wondering: Dieppe is a place in France where a bunch of Canadian soldiers died during the WWII.
I was going to put some information about it here, but then I figured you could just Google it if you are interested!
It's a sad story (in many folds).

posted by Dieppe 2:28 PM
So what's the point of having a weblog if I don't put anything on it!
Or even worse, what's the point of writting if no one reads it!
hmm... I'm deep;) no wait! I'm Dieppe! ha ha ha, I'm funny too;)
So I guess I should try to write more / more often. (arg...I've started to sound like one of those stupid writers who all they write is about themselves! or those movies that are about someone writting a scenario. yuk)
So here's a new topic: I'm going to go somewhere far from here! Soon.

posted by Dieppe 2:22 PM
When you play a musical instrument, you gotta practice hard. At the performance however, you need to act cool and casual, as if the piece you are playing is really easy to play.
That's the way I ideally wanna live my life.
But nothing ever goes ...

posted by Dieppe 12:36 AM
Monday, April 21, 2003
Aha, I found it! has a free ready-to-use commenting system.
Confucius say: Why learn something when you can avoid learning it!

posted by Dieppe 8:23 PM
So, how can I put one of those "Add Comments" buttons at the end of each of my postings?

I mean something like this: (but one that actually works instead of having a link to Google!)

posted by Dieppe 2:50 AM
OK, these flying doggies are really silly.
I can even spell thigns worng adn made grammaretical mistakens.

posted by Dieppe 2:48 AM
This is a test link to Google

posted by Dieppe 2:36 AM
Friday, April 18, 2003
So, it seems to be working. I'll be posting stuff occasionally, but only when I feel like it. That is, I might post several messages on one day and no messages for several days.
posted by Dieppe 1:55 AM
This is a test! The first sentence in my blog. Well, that was actually the second sentence. But anyway.
posted by Dieppe 1:51 AM